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Doggy Day Care | Home Boarding | Dog Grooming

Doggy Day Care

Some of the dogs that we look after, take for walks, and play with during the day.

Doggy Day Care

The dogs have a lot of social interaction during their stays with us

Home Boarding

Your dog can have a holiday with us in our home, with regular walks, doggy social contact and family love.

Dog Grooming

Get your dog looking his or her best at our dog grooming salon with a regular wash, cut and blow dry!

Dog Grooming

Our new dog grooming salon - all the facilities for your dog

Dog Grooming

Your dog can have a quick 'Wash and Go' if he has fun in the mud!

Some of the dogs we look after at our Doggy Day Care Doggy Day Care Doggy Day Care Dog home boarding Dogs being groomed Dog Grooming salon Dog Grooming salon
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Doggy Day Care

When you are out all day at work, or at a special event – a wedding or family get-together and your beloved family dog is left at home on his or her own you may find that when you arrive back wanting to sink into the sofa your dog has other ideas. He’s spent the whole day waiting for you. He wants attention, a long walk… and it’s raining!

Imagine instead, arriving home to a loving dog who also just wants to flop on the sofa with you as he’s had a day running around, socialising and being taken for the long walk! Much better. That’s what Can Rover Come Over? can do for you and your dog.

More than just a service, we welcome your dog into our home and family while they are in our care. You can drop your dog off to us on your way to work and collect on your way home. They will have a day full of walks, games, cuddles and company. Our large, secure garden means that they can play outside in good weather; they have walks – in fields, woods and sometimes on the beach; there are beds, chairs and sofas so that they can have a snooze. If you want us to feed your dog we are happy to do that if you will provide his meals.

Dogs are social animals and love to live with people and other dogs. Doggy Day Care means that your dog learns to socialise with different dogs – and other animals! And our children, who are very loving and respectful to your dogs, are around to play with them and give them a cuddle. We take photos and videos of your dog throughout the day and put them onto Facebook, for you to see how they are getting on.

We are open 7 days a week, from 7am to 6.30pm but can be more flexible. We also can offer a collection and drop-off service for your dog.

Can Rover come over?

Tracy Gillibrand and husband Adam started Can Rover come over? in 2013 and have offered Dog Grooming since 2016. Along with daily Doggy care they also have Home Boarding for your furry family member.

Fully insured by XXX Insurance, and licensed by Colchester Borough Council we can supply references and you can read testimonials here.

Doggy Day Care
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